Shariffs Supa Wheels Services

Passenger car repair is our core business. As roadholding specialists, you know the tyre business and its activities better than anyone else. The goal of the set of standards presented in this document is NOT to explain the procedures for each type of repair.

The goal of these technical guidelines is to focus on the customer, which is essential to provide quality in your day-to-day work. The standards presented here focus on 2 aspects : – on the one hand, describing the key steps of operations likely to enhance customer satisfaction – on the other hand, highlighting the need for controls and the possibility of offering complementary services on demand.

All these standards have a common objective: improving customer service, optimising customer experience to create customer loyalty. As you have understood, our main focus is customer satisfaction that we provide through reliability and professionalism. It is the"little extras" that make a difference for people who then will come back to SS Wheels.

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